Company Overview

Real Travel Assistance (RTA) was founded by Julie Remmington & Dr Carlos Alonso, who have over 50 years of experience in the industry between them. The ethos of RTA is to provide a patient-focused assistance service, whilst being transparent with our insurer and corporate clients.

Prior to, during, and after travel, our team is available 24/7/365 to help navigate global travel, healthcare, and security needs. Whether in remote and challenging environments or the most developed tourist destinations, our partners can depend on us for professional and caring medical assistance service.

What makes RTA different?

For our insurer and corporate partners, RTA challenges the status quo. Our services are flexible to each partner. We will work with you and never insist you work to a predetermined process or supplier.

COVID-19 has changed the travel industry forever but at RTA we have the knowledge and experience to be forward-thinking. We have the ability to adapt as the world changes around us and we are continuously striving to improve our service to meet future demands.

Real Travel Assistance focusses on minimising costs. We manage this through our proactive assistance and medical management. To complement this philosophy, we have established worldwide cost containment networks which support our ethos.

Dedicated case manager and medical professional will oversee each case from start to finish.

Cost vs Value
We negotiate an appropriate price for the treatment required.

No hidden fees or commissions. Original invoices are available in all cases, without exception.

Our Core Competences

Real Confidence

RTA Operations Centre is based in Bath and backed by an experienced medical team. We focus on delivering confidence through transparency.

Real Service

Our team is committed to ensuring transparency throughout our service delivery chain. We aim to build trust and confidence for our partners and their clients.

Real Care

RTA maintains a robust global network of ground and air ambulances, hospital networks and medical staff. RTA works with evolomedica, a EURAMI accredited company.